Disaster Training Solutions


ETC has the ability to simulate disaster management through their Advanced Disaster Management Simulator (ADMS). The ADMS development center is in Orlando, FL in the heart of Simulation Valley, where we cooperate with various simulation and training institutes. We also cooperate with our ETC affiliates in Poland and Turkey. Our international team of experienced simulation and training specialists is at your service.

ADMS was developed following a disaster in Manchester, England, when the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) commissioned the Cranfield Institute of Technology to study airport fire rescue training needs. The resulting study found that responders needed a training system to practice incident command & control in a disaster, such as a simulated airport crash environment where realistic visual and aural cues are presented for an airport fire rescue. This system needed to reproduce the stress of a real incident and trainees should be able to practice disaster management in a safe, controlled environment, with the ability to repeat exercises.

The study recommended interactive technology-based training. The Royal Air Force’s (RAF) Defence Fire Service required improved training & assessment methods through the application of interactive technology. In 1992, the RAF’s Defence Fire Service awarded a contract to ETC to design and develop such a system for emergency management. In 1994, the system was completed and installed at the RAF’s Manston facility.

For over a decade, ADMS has been used at major emergency response training facilities worldwide, and is an industry-proven, mature and robust solution for meeting the training needs of 21st Century emergency responders.