Civil Defense Training Civil Defence Training Civil Defense Training

In many countries emergency response and disaster management is organized under the Civil Defense. ADMS is an ideal way to provide effective training for professional staff and volunteers from civil defense. Scenarios that can be simulated range from vehicle accidents to large scale natural disasters such as earthquakes and flooding.
ETC has delivered ADMS team training systems to Civil Defense Academies in Jordan and Saudi Arabia.
These systems are used to train staff in critical decision making for emergency response and disaster management. The customized ADMS system includes integrated localized maps, high fidelity city environments, and localized simulated vehicles with crews to meet local conditions.
By using the Scenario Generator, training staff is able to create numerous scenarios by setting fires, detonating explosions, selecting hazardous materials, placing casualties and bystanders, determining allocation of resources, and changing the time of day and weather conditions.
The performance of the students is scored by using integrated scoring forms, and the results are saved in the student database. With this information, Instructional Staff is able to identify training gaps, progress, and new areas for further development.
The ultimate goal of using the ADMS simulation is to provide realistic training experiences for a wide variety of situations, to build experience and confidence, and to enhance the overall response performance.
Example Training Scenarios for Civil Defense:

  • Flooding
  • Earthquakes
  • Landslides and mudslides
  • Severe weather conditions
  • Structural collapse
  • Chemical emergencies
  • Oil, gas, and industrial emergencies
  • Nuclear disaster
  • Forest fires
  • Structural fires
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Power, Water, Fuel, Gas disruptions
  • Terrorist attacks
  • Civil disorder