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Experience may be the best teacher, but in the field of law enforcement, experience is often difficult to obtain in a safe and controlled environment. This lack of realistic training, unfortunately, could be the difference between life and death. ADMS provides a true-to-life training stage in a virtual reality world, focusing on police training, incident command training, and security operations. The high-fidelity of ADMS training immerses the user and elicits the true-to-life responses necessary to make your police training exercises as effective as possible.

There are several ways users can take advantage of the high-fidelity police training available with ADMS. Our newest product ADMS-Police allows the trainee to prepare for large crowds and riot control. Our flagship product ADMS-Command, incorporates law enforcement training with multi-agency response to make your police training exercises as effective as possible.

ADMS-Police and Law Enforcement Scenarios

Effective police and law enforcement training needs to address the many types of incidents that may be encountered on the street. ADMS presents the user with a variety of relevant, customizable scenarios ranging from multi-vehicle road accidents, active shooters, terrorist and hostage events, crowd and riot situations, fires, WMD and biological threats, and many other security operations issues. ADMS offers you realistic 3D training environments in a high-impact and attention getting way which will keep the user interested and receptive to the training objectives.

Police and law enforcement personnel can train for many situations with ADMS, including:

  • Securing buildings and confronting suspects
  • Establishing and securing perimeters
  • Setting up convoys, picking up, protecting and delivering a VIP to a specified location
  • Practicing high-speed pursuit with the addition of the ADMS-DRIVE module
  • Conducting tactical entries to confront barricaded suspects
  • Planning and preparing for riot control operations prior to expected incidents

Realistic Police Training
The incident commander at an emergency situation, disaster or incident, whether natural or manmade, requires practiced and precise command, control, coordination and communication skills. ADMS supports the training of all levels of incident command, either in single or multi-agency police-type operations. ADMS bridges the gap between classroom and live exercises, and enables staff to gain necessary insight and skills to handle any type of emergency.
ADMS Law Enforcement Training Objectives:

  • Save lives and mitigate damages by making the right decisions
  • Plan, rehearse and train according to their individual training objectives
  • Organize and deploy resources in a safe and efficient manner
  • Practice for mass crowd events
  • Strategical coordination of tasks
  • Dynamic Risk Assessment
  • Apply standard operating procedures
  • Facilitate continuity of operations
  • Prepare for large scale exercises
  • Enable better performance in live exercises and real situations
  • Practice Planning and Mapping for Command Post Staff
  • Test and validate emergency response plans

Many police training and law enforcement training institutions are successfully using ADMS to enhance their current training program. The result…more confident and highly skilled police and law enforcement officers better prepared to take on the role of incident commander.
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