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ETC Simulation Contracted by Rosenbaur International AG to Deliver Additional ADMS-HRET System

SOUTHAMPTON, Pa., USA, December 11, 2012 – Environmental Tectonics Corporation’s (“ETC” or the “Company”) Simulation Division, located in Orlando, FL, has contracted with Rosenbauer International AG (“Rosenbauer”) to deliver another ADMS-HRET simulation training system. The Advanced Disaster Management Simulator (ADMS) will be delivered to one of Rosenbauer’s European customers to train operating skills for Panther Airport Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) vehicles with Stinger High Reach Extendable Turrets (HRET).
The vehicle-mounted Stinger HRET is used to fight fires inside and outside aircraft. The HRET includes a penetrator nozzle mounted at the tip of the joystick-controlled hydraulic boom arm. This penetrator nozzle is used to shoot a hole in an aircraft fuselage to apply agent directly to interior fires.
The portable training system includes a turret console with an authentic Rosenbauer HRET joystick that switches to train students on fuselage penetration and fire fighting. The virtual reality simulation includes a Panther ARFF Truck with accurate vehicle and HRET dynamics, and physics based fire fighting with foam, dry powder, and water. Trainees can drive to the incident, position the vehicle, and deploy the HRET. A380 and MD11 passenger aircraft are available with a selection of interior fires and engine fires. Weather conditions and time of day can also be changed. Exercises can be reviewed from any viewable angle for optimal debriefing.
“This cost-effective training system is a critical asset to maximize utilization of the Stinger HRET.” said Marco van Wijngaarden, President of ETC Simulation. “ARFF crews can train while on duty with vehicles staying response-ready. Training on the simulator improves skills and reduces operational costs.”

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