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ETC Simulation Sponsored ADMS Training Day to Benefit Orlando Police Department

SOUTHAMPTON, Pa., September 22, 2011 — Environmental Tectonics Corporation’s (OTCQB: ETCC) (“ETC” or the “Company”) Simulation Division, located in Orlando, FL, recently hosted a complimentary full day of emergency management training to benefit the Orlando Police Department (OPD) in recognition of National Preparedness Month. On September 19, 2011, the local first responders visited the ADMS Orlando Innovation Center to rehearse on-scene incident command skills and off-scene command post activities using the Advanced Disaster Management Simulator (ADMS™). This annual event allows local agencies to better prepare for and mitigate potential disasters.

This year’s simulation exercise, developed in conjunction with the OPD’s Emergency Response Team, included a citywide, multiple incident scenario which required full agency response. Many levels of the OPD command team participated in the training which incorporated the ADMS virtual reality system using the 180? Immersion Theater, individual Command Stations, and a remote Command Post.

Captain Metzger, Special Operations Division and Emergency Response Team Commander of the Orlando Police Department stated, “We are excited to once again be part of ETC Simulation’s National Training Day. This one day each year gives us the opportunity to train, as a coordinated team, for incidents we wouldn’t be able to train for otherwise. This year’s exercise was aimed at enhancing our readiness in the event of a multi-incident, city-wide emergency here in Orlando. As with all training, the more realistic the exercise, the more benefit you receive. The level of realism within the ADMS system puts our team under the stress you would expect in a real-life incident, which in turn elicits field-like decisions and responses. I would personally like to thank ETC Simulation for allowing us to be part of their yearly commitment to preparedness, and for helping us meet our readiness objectives here at home.”

About ADMS
Practical experience is an essential component in developing confident responders who are prepared to take command of any incident that arises. ADMS is a powerfully immersive training platform used globally by emergency management and disaster preparedness professionals during all stages of the preparedness cycle. It provides a true-to-life experience for incident commanders, first responders, and incident command teams to train, assess and practice incident command and vehicle operation skills.

ADMS is unique due to its high-end simulation of incidents, personnel and resources. It combines physics-based simulation, embedded artificial intelligence, photo-realistic visualizations, and ambient sounds in a realistic and interactive training environment. First introduced in 1994, ADMS has trained emergency responders worldwide, on local, regional and national levels.

Benefits of ADMS
The ADMS team training system provides emergency responders, from tactical to strategic levels, a highly efficient and cost effective solution for their training needs. The ability to train and retrain, with real-time consequences to their decisions, makes ADMS the best option when live training is not feasible due to cost, environmental impact or safety reasons.

ADMS extends the useful life of resource equipment since ADMS training is accomplished in the classroom without additional assets (e.g., equipment, vehicles, accident resources etc.) and costs are a fraction of the costs of a live event. Exercises can be repeatedly replayed or reviewed, aiding in development and improvement of response plans. Additionally, while using the system, trainees are immersed within a controlled and safe environment.

About ETC
ETC Simulation, located in Orlando, FL, specializes in virtual reality emergency and disaster management training systems. Their hallmark product, ADMS, is a proven tool for training emergency management personnel at all levels, with more than one million successful training hours completed in 11 countries.

ETC designs, manufactures and sells software driven products and services used to recreate and monitor the physiological effects of motion on humans and equipment and to control, modify, simulate and measure environmental conditions. These products include aircrew training systems (aeromedical, tactical combat and general), disaster management systems, sterilizers (steam and gas), environmental testing products and hyperbaric chambers and other products and services that involve similar manufacturing techniques and engineering technologies. ETC’s unique ability to offer complete systems, designed and produced to high technical standards, sets it apart from its competition. ETC is headquartered in Southampton, PA. For more information about ETC, visit Contact: Bob Laurent, CFO Tel: 215-355-9100 (Ext. 1550) Email: ETC – Internet Home Page:

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