ADMS-Fire is the augmented reality firefighter training simulator that provides firefighters with an effective training system for tactical firefighting and ventilation techniques. The simulator offers a high level of realism due to the motion-based sensor technology in combination with high fidelity virtual reality simulation. The sensor technology replicates the user’s actions and movements in a simulated environment such as the turning of their head and kneeling.

Trainees utilize a real fire hose with branch pipe to practice opening and closing of the nozzle, control the rate of agent dispersion and choose between a jet stream and spray. Within the simulation, the trainees can explore their environment through wayfinding and can also practice ventilation tactics at both the firefighter and commander level.

Among the scenarios to be trained for in ADMS-Fire are interior fires, exterior fires, instances of physics-based flashover and backdraft as well as rescuing individuals from structures including a residential house. In addition to training firefighting and ventilation techniques and tactics, other training objectives including search and rescue, recognition of hazardous situations and working as a team can be met using the simulator.

ADMS-Fire not only puts the tools in the trainees hands, but provides a safe training environment to learn nozzle tactics, ventilation techniques, recognition of dangerous situations and wayfinding at a lower cost. It is the perfect classroom trainer that enables trainees to gain critical knowledge of fire behavior and to practice firefighting and ventilation techniques from a novice level to the most experienced firefighters.

ADMS Training Benefits

  • Training for high risk situations that cannot be trained live
  • Reduce training costs
  • Interactive action-oriented learning for better and quicker learning
  • Portable with short set up time
  • Deployable in standard classroom at any fire station or training academy
  • Easy scenario creation combined with extensive after action review capabilities