The ADMS-ARFF (Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting) vehicle simulator enables crews to train deployment and operation of an ARFF truck without the costs and safety concerns associated with real vehicle use. ADMS-ARFF provides the operator the confidence necessary to perform under extreme conditions, and ultimately be better prepared for live-exercises and real-life incidents which involve firefighting and tactical positioning of the vehicle. The system comes with multiple aircraft incidents and a single runway airport. To match your local situation, we can add your vehicles, turret controls, and airport situation. The Instructor has full control over the training and can create fresh scenarios by using the Instructor Toolset. ADMS records the exercise and scores the trainee automatically and objectively.


  • Driving to the incident site in a safe and expedient manner
  • Communication, using proper radio procedures
  • Vehicle Positioning
  • Recognition of signs and markings
  • Observation of speed limit and right of way
  • Fire Fighting with Turrets
  • Control spillage
  • Selection of the proper extinguishing agent
  • Properly observe and navigate air traffic movement
  • Work as a team
  • Command and Control

Realistic Airport Incident Simulation
ADMS simulates the entire airport incident scene in a realistic, virtual reality environment, including the crashed aircraft, casualties, evacuees, slides, fuel leakages, fire, smoke, multiple extinguishing agents, weather conditions, debris and damage. The incidents that can be trained on ADMS-ARFF are based on real incidents and ICAO standards, including:

  • Aircraft crashes
  • Aircraft collisions
  • Runway incursions
  • Fuel spill fires
  • Engine fires
  • Wheel and brake fires
  • Internal fires
  • Passenger, cargo & combined aircraft
  • Commercial and military aircraft
  • Helicopters
  • On and off airport
  • Overshoot and undershoot

ADMS-ARFF is available as an installed, two position mini-cab, or as a portable desktop trainer. Multiple simulators can be networked for team training, or training exercises can be performed individually.
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