The ADMS-ARFF (Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting) vehicle simulator is designed to train crews in the deployment and operation of an ARFF truck. The advantage of the simulator is that a wide variety of scenarios can be trained, without the costs and safety concerns associated with real vehicle use or live fire training. Vehicle operators will gain the experience and confidence necessary to perform under extreme conditions and in all kinds of scenarios, ultimately better preparing them for real-world incidents and live-exercises.

The ARFF Simulator facilitates:

  • Fire fighting with turrets and use of foam, water, dry chem, and halon
  • HRET training
  • FLIR training
  • Tactical vehicle positioning
  • Decision making
  • ARFF Truck familiarization
  • Airport familiarization and communication
  • Aircraft incident response training

HRET Training
The HRET Simulator can be used to increase and maintain proficiency in the use of a High Reach Extendable Turret. This virtual training device includes a center console that represents the authentic maneuvering operation and controller interface of the vehicle, with the boom movement dynamics and aircraft skin-piercing accurately simulated. With this simulator, operators learn how to use the HRET optimally with different aircraft types and fire scenarios. This kind of Computer Based Training is described in FAA Advisory Circular AC 150/5220-10E and can be used to comply with Job Performance Requirement Qualification.
HRET Training Objectives:

  • Turret range and flow settings
  • Aiming exercises
  • HRET FLIR exercises
  • Blind operation
  • Piercing exercises

Airport Emergency Response Training Environments and Scenarios
ADMS-ARFF is offered with a visual airport environment that is a detailed recreation of either your airport or a generic airport environment. The airports include structures, roads, runways, taxiways, signage, markings, lighting, ground vehicles, and aircraft movements. The simulator includes a selection of the most common aircraft which can be used to create scenarios, including:

  • Aircraft fires during taking off and landing
  • Evacuation of passengers including use of aircraft slides
  • Large pool fires
  • Engine fires
  • Interior fires
  • Undercarriage fires & hot brakes
  • Refueling accidents near the gate
  • Crashed aircraft
  • Practice in low visibility conditions, day time, night time
  • Operate turrets in severe weather conditions

Utilizing the instructor toolset, the trainees’ real-time training experience can be enhanced by customizing the scenario with various types of aircrafts and fires, injected variables (time of day, precipitation, wind and fog) and situational details (people, wildlife, vehicle availability).
ADMS-ARFF Container
ADMS-ARFF is available as a full cab, a minicab, or as a desktop trainer:
Full Cab Simulator
This simulator includes a real vehicle cab including authentic controls such as turret controls, pump panel, and driver panel. The full cab is situated within a 208 degree field of view panoramic immersive projection screen. The mirror views are displayed on small monitors mounted on the actual mirror bars.
Minicab Simulator
This configuration includes a dashboard with instrument panel, center console, seat(s), steering wheel and pedals. Vehicle mirrors and wipers are displayed in-screen. The visual display consists of three 55″ UHD monitors for the single seat version, and up to six screens for the dual seat simulator. One of the screens is used for an overhead view. The Minicab Simulator can also be delivered as a mobile training unit, built into a trailer or container.
Desktop Trainer
This is a smaller scale system, consisting of a vehicle turret console, generic steering wheel with selection buttons for gear, lights, and wipers. The visual displays are typically 24″ – 32″ HD monitors. The system can be packed in portable transportation cases.
Multi Vehicle Team Training
Our simulators can be linked together. The ARFF and HRET simulator can be expanded with Incident Command training systems to facilitate large scale airport emergency response exercises.

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