As part of the Incident Command System, the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) supports the on-scene Incident Command Team with information and coordination of resources. The EOC is a centralized facility that has information management and communication systems, and can support multiple Incident Command Posts (ICP) at the same time.

ADMS-EOC is a training system that enables training of EOC staff. The system simulates the emergency or disaster and the on-scene response. The EOC can coordinate the resources and send/receive information to the Incident Command Post that deploys the resources to mitigate the situation. The EOC receives images and streaming video from the simulated incident site via the ICP as they would in the real-world by CCTV’s, helicopter cameras etc. Communication is enabled through real-world equipment such as radios, telephone and e-mail.
The training system is set-up so that the ICP and EOC are in the actual Mobile Command Post and EOC, or in other dedicated training rooms. ADMS provides, in virtual reality, the on-scene situation and response. On-scene ICP-staff will see the scene from their perspective, is able to work on-scene, and command resources. Off-scene EOC-staff will receive the information and views such as maps, vehicle information including real-time tracking, on-scene images sent by helicopters and CCTV’s, or pictures uploaded by on-scene staff.
Exercise staff controls the simulation and the feeds to the EOC with the ADMS Exercise Control Station. This station has an Instructor Toolset including a Master Scenario Event List (MSEL) for time and trigger based exercises. Training staff is in full control.
Benefits of using ADMS-EOC is that your EOC exercises will be realistic and repeatable without the need of having live vehicles and staff out on the street. You train only the people that need to be trained without disturbing daily operations. The system also supports table top exercises.
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