Fire Extinguisher Trainer

ADMS provides an augmented reality handheld fire extinguisher training simulator that provides everyone with an effective training system for operating a fire extinguisher in any situation.

Trainees utilize a real fire extinguisher to pull the pin, aim the hose, squeeze the operating lever and fight the fire. The sensor technology replicates the extinguisher’s movements so the discharge follows the trainees’ actions as well as their distance from the fire. Trainees also navigate throughout the virtual environment, search for victims, activate fire alarms, call for evacuation and open/close doors. The simulator offers physics-based simulation of fires and extinguishing agents.
Training Objectives:

  • Determine fire class and select correct extinguisher
  • Fight fires with different types of fire extinguishers
  • Trigger fire alarm and direct evacuation

ADMS Benefits:

  • Reduce training costs
  • Safe and repeatable training
  • Easily create custom exercises for every situation
  • Highly realistic, open-ended simulation
  • Portable with short set up time
  • Deployable in any room