ADMS-DRIVE is an airport driver simulator that is used to train, evaluate and refresh all airport drivers and emergency vehicle operators in the appropriate operation of sophisticated ground vehicles, snow removal and firefighting equipment, facility familiarization and airport rules of the road. ADMS-DRIVE, the most advanced airport driving simulator, was created specifically to address FAA Part 139 Airside Safety Compliance.

If you are tasked with airport operations safety and training, then ADMS-DRIVE is the training simulator that will improving the skills and effectiveness of your airport drivers without disrupting daily safe airport operations. ADMS-DRIVE allows airport personnel to train 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, in a safe, environmentally friendly and realistic manner.
Airport Driver Training Environments and Scenarios
ADMS-DRIVE is offered with a visual environment that is a detailed recreation of either your airport or a generic airport environment. In the case of a specific environment, ETC matches elements such as structures, roads, runways, taxiways, signage, markings and lighting within inches of geospatial reality. The simulation includes autonomous aircraft and ground vehicles operating around the facility, emulating a busy airport environment.
Utilizing the instructor toolset, the trainees real-time training experience can be enhanced by customizing the scenario with type level of ground vehicle and aircraft traffic, injected variables (time of day, precipitation, wind and fog) and situational details (people, wildlife, vehicle availability), and for firefighting training aircraft fires can be initiated.
ADMS-DRIVE is available as full cab trainer, or as a desktop trainer:
Installed Full Cab Trainer ADMS-DRIVE is available with a real vehicle cab including all vehicle controls. The full cab trainer version incorporates the vehicle cab within a 180 degree field of view panoramic immersive theatre, and implements a dynamic tactile feedback system in the controls with cab motion responsive to acceleration, braking, turning, etc. The simulator can be outfitted with vehicle specific technology, including fully controllable virtual HRET (High Reach Extendable Turret) with virtual FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) cameras, and snow removal equipment.
Portable Desktop Trainer The desktop version of ADMS-DRIVE is a smaller scale system, consisting of a steering wheel, turn signals, instrument panel, brake and throttle pedals, a map display monitor and stereo sound. The visual channels are large, flat panel screens. Multiple desktop trainer stations can be utilized for team training on the airfield with the full cab station, or can stand alone for airport familiarization and rules of the road training.
Emergency and Fire Service Vehicle Selections ADMS-DRIVE is available with customizable sets of vehicle profiles for multiple-vehicle training on a single system. Each vehicle profile has individual dynamics data which determine how the vehicle reacts to curves, turns, acceleration, deceleration, wind resistance, terrain traction, and the vehicle’s reaction to gravity and inertia, with and without cargo, fuel or fire suppression agent. Each vehicle dynamics set includes specific tire models, brake models, spring dampening / suspension models and power train models.
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