Is ADMS Simulation available for online use?

No. ADMS was designed to foster a true to life environment for Commanders, Responders and Drivers, which includes working alongside of and interacting with team members. The most effective way to do this is by standing with your team as you would in a real life emergency. Online simulations lack the personal aspect of the exercise that makes ADMS so successful. Additionally, the quality of the graphics and simulation, and ultimately the value of the exercise, would be compromised due to data capacity limits associated with online environments.

Can Governmental grant money be used to purchase ADMS?

Yes. Many of our customers have purchased ADMS with the assistance of U.S. Federal, State or Local grants. We continually research funding sources which may be appropriate for our customers and post them on our website.

How much does the system cost?

Because ADMS is a modular system, costs can vary greatly. Portable, single simulators can cost significantly less than larger, installed systems. We can tailor an ADMS package to meet most budgets, with the option of expanding later on, with additional threats, customized scenarios or hardware components as your budget allows.

Can I use my own computers?

No. The ADMS product is delivered to you as a complete solution to your training needs. The complexity of the ADMS software requires a proprietary operating system combined with a high end hardware platform. Your ADMS package will include all of the necessary hardware and software to run simulations.

Is ADMS portable?

Yes. ADMS was designed to allow for training in both a mobile and a permanent environment, which allows you to train when you want, where you want. Laptop based simulator systems can be easily transported to your training location, allowing for trainee convenience and reduction in training costs. Large, 180° Theatre Style Simulators can be permanently installed in Destination Training locations.

How is ADMS different from other Emergency Training Systems on the market?

ADMS is an unscripted and open-ended virtual reality simulator; the outcomes are based on your decisions, and you will experience the consequences of your decisions, good or bad. ADMS relies on physics-based technology and built in artificial intelligence to provide you with a true-to-life experience set in real-time. This world-class technology requires you to make dynamic decisions as you would in real-life incidents, providing you with an interactive and immersive atmosphere. ADMS is also a modular system, which allows you to expand upon your training resources as your requirements change. Additional incident locations, threats, resources and hardware components (driver module) can be added as your budget and requirements allow.

Who else is using the ADMS?

ADMS is the industry leader in disaster management training systems, and is in use worldwide by leading local, state and governmental agencies across all sectors, tasked with emergency response. Examples of our growing customer base include: US DoD Fire Academy, US Army Europe, New York City office of Emergency Management, International Fire Training Centre (IFTC), Rosenbauer International, Institute for Safety (IFV) in the Netherlands, Fire Science Academy in Saudi Arabia, Jiangsu Fire Corps in China, Minneapolis / St. Paul International Airport and Civil Defense in Jordan. This is only a small sampling of ADMS users, and our satisfied customers list is always growing.