Can I add my own incident environments?

ADMS comes with a series of pre-determined scenario environments (i.e. seaport, fuel farm, shopping mall), additional environments cannot be added by the end-user. However, within these locations you have the ability to change the circumstances and variables surrounding the incident, creating your own customized Scenarios. Additional locations, either geo-typical or geo-specific, can be developed and programmed for you based on your requirements. There is no limit on what can be developed to facilitate your training needs, including exact replicas of your vehicles, buildings, terrain or environments.

How do I create a scenario?

The ADMS Scenario Generator provides simple, menu driven procedures for the instructor to create exercises. The instructor has an exceptionally wide range of selections to define the exercise, including:

  • Availability of resources
  • Positioning of additional “props”
  • Selection and placement of crowds
  • Resource placement
  • Weather conditions
  • Time of day
  • Type of threat (i.e. fire, hazmat, collapse).
  • Number of casualties and their initial condition

The Scenario Generator also permits changes to select conditions during the progression of the incident. Instructors are able to insert injects (weather conditions, time of day, secondary threats) to force the incident commander to re-evaluate the management strategy. These customized scenarios can be saved for future use and recorded for after training evaluation.

Can you create my airport and my vehicles?

Yes. For the highest level of immersion we offer geo-specific environments that represent your precise locale. This exact 3D replica of your setting is an excellent way for preparing emergency response plans, annual drills, training procedures and logistics, facility orientation and driver training.

Do you provide Facilitator and Instructor training?

Yes. ETC offers on-site training services to guarantee the optimal utilization and benefit of your ADMS system. Upon delivery, ADMS Simulation Specialists will work with you to ensure that you understand the system, its capabilities and its functionality. Additionally, we keep an open line of communication with our customers and are available for telephone consultations as you gain practical experience with the ADMS and as questions arise. Additionally, we have an annual ADMS Users Conference, where the ADMS Community has the opportunity to meet and discuss with their peers best practices.

Can I rent an ADMS system?

Yes. Temporary use of the ADMS system is available in certain situations, such as a yearly training exercise or for short term placement. Following a training needs analysis, we will work with you to develop an appropriate training event, including scenario design and scheduling, for either team or individual training. We will deliver and set up all equipment and provide a Simulation Specialist to facilitate the exercises, or to train your staff in the operation of the system. We know that the use of the ADMS in your training protocols provides better outcomes, and we can tailor a flexible program to fit your needs and your budget. Long term rentals of the ADMS system tend to be less cost-effective, if you are considering a rental of 2 weeks or more, you may want to consider the purchase of the system.