Instructor Tool Set
The integrated toolset supports Training Staff in developing, controlling, assessing and debriefing incident command exercises. That can be used from the Instructor Station while viewing the exercise in 3D using a birds-eye perspective. The instructor toolset includes the scenario generator, observation and scoring system, after action reviewer and table top integration and the courseware creator.

Scenario Generator
By selecting incident sites, buildings, vehicle positions, and other select situational details such as people, traffic, weather, time of day and threats users can create scenarios to use and then be saved and replayed for after action reviews and re-edited for additional exercises.

Scene Builder
Allows users to import images, video, and sounds into the simulation to enhance incident scenes. The following are some examples of what the user can do with the Scene Builder:

  • Add textures, signs, and billboards to buildings and SML objects
  • Add a panoramic image to a scene
  • Play pre-recorded turn-out videos for responding commanders
  • Add sounds like weather, hazards, traffic sounds, alarms, voices, radio messages
  • Inject news flashes for EOC training

Observation and Scoring
The observation form consists of observation points to be checked off by the instructor, and objective information is registered by ADMS. The combined results indicate the students’ performance level and are helpful in the after action review process. The results are saved in a student record keeping system.

After Action Reviewer
Records the exercise to support debriefing. In playback mode, training staffers can start, stop, pause and fast-forward the exercise and look at the incident from any point of view. This tool is extremely helpful for after action reviews.

Table Top
Allows tabletop exercises by teleporting resources directly to the incident scene, and can be useful in supporting classroom tabletop training and visualization during open discussions.